From Romantic Times:

"Including paranormal elements such as reincarnation and psychic visions, this is a thought-provoking romance that exemplifies the cruel side of fate and the powerlessness it creates in us."

From Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard

"Question: What is the best book to read on a rainy day and why? “The best book to read on a rainy day would have to be Sharon Cullars’‘Again.’...'Again' has everything that will take readers from scared to intrigued. But it also has the element of the love story, a love story that crosses time.

"Anyone interested in the possibility of reincarnation would find this book a gem. Also, since the book is a page turner, the rainy day reader won’t mind being stuck inside. They’ll be too busy turning the pages, trying to figure out the mystery and engrossed by the elements of danger. And if it’s still raining when you finish, you won’t mind. Sharon Cullars has written a book that keeps you thinking about it long after you’re done with it.” Who: Bruce Coville

From Booklist:

"Cullars' debut novel skillfully weaves a passionate affair between a black woman and a wealthy white scion at the turn of the century in New York with a contemporary interracial affair in modern--day Chicago through a supernatural tale of love and redemption."

From A Romance Review:

"Like the description says Again the debut novel by Brava author Sharon Cullars will take your breath away. Sexy, sensual, and powerfully erotic this tangled tale will have your squirming in your chair. Tyne and David are strong characters you won’t be able to help getting attached to. The secondary characters are equally strong and vivid. You really can’t go wrong with this book. Go and get it."

From Coffeetime Romance:

"Again is a strong story that surrounds heartbreak, loss, and romance that ties a past with a much-needed present. Tyne is a strong character that is not afraid to find out the meaning of the troubling visions. David is a warm charismatic character that seems to genuinely care deeply for Tyne, despite the race issues, the dreams, or the advice from his mother. Ms. Cullars blends interesting characters, some intrigue that keeps the pages turning, and the reader guessing. She pens a magnetic story that engages the reader in this past and present of Déjà vu that adds character to the storyline, while lending an in-depth cast to make this story one of passion with a touch of mystery that keep the pages slowly smoldering."

From The Romance Reader:

"Again is a hauntingly beautiful story that alternates between the star-crossed affair of a white man and black woman in 1880 New York, and the contemporary relationship set in Chicago 2006...while the pacing is good, Cullars’ beautiful language is even better. At times exquisite and lyrical, it made the book lovely to read."

From Joyfullyreviewed:

"Mixing contemporary, historical, and paranormal elements, Again is an engrossing read. I enjoyed both the modern and historical tales. The realistic, yet dramatic look at interracial relationships in 1897(sic: 1879) New York was powerful. Although it played havoc on Tyne and David's lives, I was glad love finally got a second chance. David and Tyne were strong, well developed characters who fit seamlessly into a contemporary urban setting. Together, they positively sizzle! David's descent was riveting. It was clear where he was going, but I was hoping and praying that he would find a way out. At times I was overwhelmed by all the characters, but they add to the depth of the story. Smart, sexy, and suspenseful, Again deftly weaves several interconnected subplots into one spellbinding erotic tale."

From reviewer Harriet Klausner:

"AGAIN is a tense heated reincarnation romantic suspense that grips the audience with its opening scene in 1880, holds readers’ attention as the two lead Strangers in the Night cannot resist one another, and keeps hold of the audience until the final relational triangle is completed. The storyline is filled with torrid romance and danger, as Tyne and David fall in love, but unless they can understand their history, kismet will repeat itself, as they are doomed to fail. Sharon Cullars provides a fabulously hot thriller."

From Romance Junkies:

"AGAIN is not your typical contemporary novel, it also has some flashbacks of the past. There is plenty of suspense and seduction to keep readers happy, but at the same time there is a love story older than time and as tragic as any Shakespearean play. Tyne and David make a great couple and the sparks that fly between them are instantaneous and fiery. Love scenes almost light the pages on fire and the flames are so intense the heat is stifling. This is the first book that I have read by Sharon Cullars, but I will certainly be on the lookout for more of her work in the future." (Angel, reviewer)

From author Larissa Ione:

The entire story is lushly sensual...the scenes in Again that take place in the late 1800’s are so real I felt like I was there... If you’re looking for an intelligent romance with which you can spend a lot of time, one that will entrench you in the world the author built, this’ll hit the spot. An amazing debut. Sharon Cullars has a lot of talent, and I will definitely read more of her romances.

From reviewer Dionne Galace:

The story is taut, gripping, and absolutely sexy...I had a total blast reading this book and I just know that I won't be forgetting it for a while. If you're in the mood for a spicy, thrilling, erotic love story, definitely check this out. Or at least join me in admiring this cover.

From advance readers

Ana Santiago says:

"An enchanting story of love that trangresses time, filled with mystery, and compelling characters. AGAIN will captivate readers with mesmerizing action and passions, it holds you spellbound from the beginning to the end. If you're looking for romance, adventure and mystery, you'll love this story. "

Kolby Harper says:

"Ms. Cullars has written a beautiful story of what a person will do for love. This is a story that definitely transcends the stereotypical interracial romance story. You will be pulled into a story of heartache, love, and redemption. This is a must read, and I will read this story over and over again."

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