I'm a Chicagoan born and bred (temporarily transplanted to a suburb), a woman in a midlife flux who has always loved reading. Before writing AGAIN (Kensington/Brava, May 2006), I self-published a paranormal mystery in 2002 entitled CELIA. Although a dismal marketing failure, CELIA was a jumping off point and a learning experience for me.

Since then, I have published a few online short stories and also have had a story included in MASQUES V, an anthology of horror fiction that includes works by Ray Bradbury, Gary Braunbeck, Poppy Z. Brite and Richard Christian Matheson among others.

In addition to AGAIN, I've published two other works with Brava and consider myself fortunate for the opportunity. I have several works on the back burner and just have to overcome my procrastination to take them from simmering to full boil.

My reading life includes all genres which have influenced my writing style. Hopefully my readers will enjoy.

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Over the years I've written several short stories in a variety of genres. I'm currently offering my readers a collection of these stories entitled simply enough GENRES. My friend, horror author Gary Braunbeck, had this to say about my book:

"Sharon Cullars' prose is so graceful you may feel as if you're dancing along with stories themselves. The dance will take you to places so bright you're almost euphoric, and it will take you into corners so dark you'll be shaken to your core. But one thing all of the stories in GENRES share is Cullars' ability to mesmerize, exhilarate, and disturb (in every meaning of that word). I've been an admirer of her work for years. Now it's your turn."

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Each night I smell the moist, peaty earth of the bog. The smell suffocates me in my dreams, fills my nostrils, pushes aside my air until I wake up gasping. In those moments, I'm not sure whether I'm actually dying. It often feels that way. In those moments, my body forgets to inhale and my hand reaches into the darkness, grasping for life.

Thankfully I sleep alone…for now. Over the years, I've chased away my few lovers with my dreams. Or rather, my nightmares. More accurately, my nocturnal memories. No matter how each relationship began during my wakeful life, each eventually perished in the night. Man for man sooner or later became spooked by the half awakened woman lying next to him, thrashing and wailing in the darkness. The drama was more than they bargained for no matter how good the sex was.

Each time I laid silently as they slunk out the door, out the room and eventually out of my life forever. I couldn't blame them though. I wished I could escape along with them. But I'm imprisoned in this life, chained to my memories. In the darkness.

Those lovers can't possibly understand how the child of my past haunts me.

And that my dreams are the child's desperate need for atonement. For what she did those many summers ago. At the edge of that moist Louisiana bog.

Tonight, I let the dream, the nightmare lead me. I don't try to fight it, not this time.

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