When Teddy Holliday is robbed of her last hard-earned ten dollars at a local five-and-dime, she thinks that is the worst her day can get. Later that morning when a stranger arrives seeking a room in her boarding house offering her a wad of cash, more money than she has seen in one offering, she is grateful for the salvation. Little does Teddy know that the smolderingly handsome border, one Louis Daniels, is a bank robber - and that he knows the man who earlier robbed her - Clyde Barker of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde duo.

When the whole gang takes her hostage in her own home, she must find a way to escape...as well as resist the sexual charms of Louis, who is determined to win her body and soul. What follows is a potent mix of gripping fear and sexual discovery. Not to mention a natural tornado that upends her life forever.

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"Chilling, mysterious, and endlessly sensual." Shannon McKenna

"Again is chilling and deliciously erotic by turns, an absorbing roller coaster ride of a book." Angela Knight

"A thought-provoking romance...fascinating characters." Romantic Times

"While the pacing is good, Cullars' beautiful language is even better. At times exquisite and lyrical, it made the book lovely to read." The Romance Reader

"I had a total blast reading this book and I just know that I won’t be forgetting it for a while. If you’re in the mood for a spicy, thrilling, erotic love story, definitely check this out." Dionne Galace, Reviewer

"Man, I just love this book!"
Kate Duffy, late editor at Kensington/Brava

AGAIN was included on the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award reading list for 2008.

"The spellbinding story of love and deception spans a lifetime and spills over into the ever-after. Readers will be spooked by the ghost, haunted by his past, and uncertain about his future. Sympathy pours out for the grieving mother who works through in a most erotic way." Romantic Times

"The Object of Love turned out to be a big surprise for me. The past Bravas I’ve read have been fun but without a great deal of depth. This book had a lot of depth that drew on more than its unconventional romance. The story has a romance but its primarily about learning to live with oneself and one’s choices in the face of the consequences." Jane at Dear Author

"The Object Of Love is a very well-written story with some scenes that can cut really deep and hurt so good." Mrs. Giggles Reviews

"This anthology has a trio of love stories in which three couples overcome relationships gone awry and take hold of their second chances. Denison starts the book with a sexy, swift-moving story of reunited high school sweethearts, and Donahue keeps the pace with sexual tension. But it's Cullars who really shines by adding a touch of danger and a paranormal presence." Romantic Times


In 1865, the hope for gold has spurred many to seek their fortunes in California, the place the Chinese call Gum San or "Gold Mountain." Amidst this backdrop, Quiang, a new Chinese immigrant, works the dangerous rails hoping to save enough money to send home to his parents. In town, Leah and Clara, two enterprising women from New York, have plans of their own to grow a restaurant and laundry business. However, both plans go awry when Quiang and Leah meet one fateful day. What starts as a budding attraction soon grows into tumultuous desire despite the cultural and language barriers between them.

Initially resistant, Leah succumbs to passion following a tragic loss that leaves her vulnerable and alone. With hopes for a future that now includes Leah, Quiang embarks on a perilous path as he leaves the railroad behind for a more profitable position as a courier for The Tong, henchmen for the dangerous Triad. Quiang soon finds that navigating the secretive life of a courier brings more danger than he has ever faced on the railroad, dangers that not only threaten to tear him and Leah apart, but may cost them their lives as well.


"...a wonderful and rich cultural romance..." Romance Junkies Reviews

"Gold Mountain is a delight to read." Fallen Angel Reviews

"At the halfway point, I was wondering how you’d manage to get these two together in the face of the odds against them. The story is well plotted and the events flow together in a way to lead Leah and Quaing to their destiny together. And yet, I still wanted more." Jayne at Dear Author

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Available at Loose Id.

Raine Gayle runs a struggling club called Raine's Blues located on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Her world is full of the interesting characters the club shelters from the ugliness of L.A.'s mean streets. Faced with a financial crisis and desperate to keep her club open, Raine searches frantically for that one act that will draw the crowds. She believes she has found that act in the form of the beautiful and renowned chanteuse, Cintra Wells.

Cintra Wells is more than a little surprised when Raine asks the band to headline at the small blues club. Usually Cintra would reject the offer of such a low venue, but decides to take the gig for one reason - Raine. Cintra recognizes Raine immediately; after all, Raine turned Cintra down for their high school prom. Back then though, Cintra went by her - or rather, his - real name, Neil Williams. Neil doesn't hold any grudges against Raine. Though, it would be fun to play her a good turn since it's obvious Raine doesn't realize that Cintra Wells is actually a man. Namely, the smolderingly sexy manager of Cintra's jazz quartet.

Payback doesn't particularly have to be a bitch, but in this case, it won't be a lady either.

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"....the perfect blend of old memories, and new opportunities while still blending lies, deceit and great sex...Raine's Blues is one to add to your list for summer 2010 reads." Just Erotic Romance Review

"Raines Blues is a well-written slightly nostalgic romance that reads something like a cross between Tootsie with a jazz soundtrack to follow it." A Night Owl Reviews

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Now available at Loose Id.

Nailah Madsen is at a crossroad in her life. Having quit a lucrative banking job, she is looking for a better opportunity when fate throws a kink in her plan. Disappointed by a setback, she is not in the mood when a gang of bikers called the Demons roll through the streets where she is walking. One of the bikes nearly clips her and she responds with a foolhardy gesture that puts her in their sights. Unfortunately for her, the Demons do take prisoners and she finds herself snatched off the streets by one of the gang members.

Eric McIntyre aka Dele Larson, is new to the Demons. Unknown to the gang, he is an undercover cop looking to get info on some bodies discovered in the Mojave Desert. The police suspect that the gang is responsible for the murders as well as other criminal enterprises. When Dele is forced by the gang leader to take the attractive woman prisoner, he has to play his hand deftly. But how can he keep her safe without blowing his cover? And how can he keep his growing feelings for her in check?


"The stakes are extremely high - I mean through the roof. Just when you think they're as high as they can go, they jump up another level. This makes SNATCHED a burning page-turner, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn't read it fast enough."
Interracial Romance Book Reviews

"This was one of the most exciting books I've read in some time. The characters are fascinating. The biker atmosphere felt disgustingly real. It was very creepy at times. An overlying thread of tension permeates the entire story. The action grabs you from the start and continues until the explosive ending. I was concerned that the physical relationship between Dele and Nailah would feel fake and forced, but it doesn't. The author gives us something moving and believable. Great plot, nice writing and very engaging characters make this story a winner. I read it one sitting, I just had to know how it ended. Highly recommended!" CBLS Reviews

"Snatched is the first book in a (hopefully) long series. I am a huge fan of Sharon Cullars and did not even read the synopsis of this story because Ms. Cullars has proven herself to be an author who always writes superb erotic romances. Snatched is another successful notch in her belt; it is an excellent blend of white knuckle suspense and red hot romance. Eric is an undercover police officer deeply embedded within the Demons, a motorcycle gang with ties to drugs and other illegal activities, at every turn it looks as if his cover is almost blown but he always narrowly escapes being detected. When he has to kidnap the reluctant victim, Nailah, after having the most unconventional first meeting, things go from bad to worse at the flick of a wrist. It is now up to Eric and Nailah to come to some weary truce in order for him to take down the gang and keep them both alive. Ms. Cullars writes another fantastic erotic romance." Top Pick Review at Night Owl Reviews

Author's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Now available at Amazon and


A BATTLE RAGING is now the recipient of the B.R.A.G. Medallion from indieBRAG which recognizes independent books for excellence. Read the synopsis below.


Maya Temple looks forward to teaching her weekend art class where she hopes to introduce the joy of still life drawing to her enthusiastic students. But her plans for her class go awry as soon as one late student, Zachary Yarborough, wheels into her class.

Zach is a former marine who was wounded in Afghanistan four years prior and is now a paraplegic. He also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and is taking the class at the request of his psychiatrist, who feels Zach can benefit from art therapy. However Zach winds up pissing off the beautiful art teacher in various ways that includes drawing a nude sketch of her on the very first day.

At each session, Zach and Maya antagonize one another but eventually can't resist the growing attraction between them. Initially, Maya mistakenly believes that a man in a wheelchair cannot be sexual. But Zach is eager to prove her wrong again and again...and again.


"If you’re looking for something a little different, this is the book for you. BATTLE is finely written with well-realized characters, who actually feel like real people. I liked the Maya character especially and really wanted to take her art class–too bad I don’t live in Seattle and oh yeah, I kept on forgetting, it’s fiction...What a distinctive and compelling read. I gobbled it up!" Interracial Romance Book Reviews

"A Battle Raging, is labeled as erotica, but the more that one reads into this story of a wounded marine with and artist's soul, and the art teacher that loves him; the more one comes to realize that this book is offering so much more...This story of love passion, pain acceptance, and the healing power of love, is sure to warm your heart, make you think, and stoke the fires of your desire." Night Owl Erotica

"Compelling. Out of the ordinary. Poignant. Entertaining. Complex. Those are just some of the words which come to mind when I think about Sharon Cullars’ A Battle Raging...Both have battles raging within and without, and they needed each other to heal. Ms. Cullars cleverly illustrated the emerging romance between the unlikely pair and showed how a wheelchair-bound man, whose spinal injuries were incomplete, could still have a satisfying physical relationship. Even the supporting cast of characters was layered, or three-dimensional, with their own battles raging within them. The right amount of tension and suspense was peppered here and there throughout the story." Romance Novels in Color

Author's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Now available at Amazon

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